Target Innovations

Target Innovations

(An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company)
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AboutTarget Innovations

Target Innovations evolved as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of metal detectors. Its technical experts continuously update the detectors to meet industrial requirements and customer needs. It produces comprehensive range of metal detectors like micro scan metal detectors, gravity feed metal detectors, tablet metal detectors, pharmaceutical metal detectors, pulse metal detectors, door frame metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, letter bomb detectors, deep search metal detectors, portable search lights and under vehicle search mirrors. Its metal detectors are HACCP, ISO 9001: 2000, WHO, FDA certified.


Metal Detectors



Metal Detectors are devices that sense the presence of metals using electromagnetic fields. Metal detectors are applied for various activities like mining, detection of weapons, geographical prospecting, archaeology etc. Metal detectors are used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, plastics, chemicals, and packaging industries. Target Innovations is a leading manufacturer of metal detectors. It produces comprehensive range of metal detectors that deliver quality, reliability and performance. Its metal detectors have excellent detecting system which ensures easy installation, quick modifications or change in existing places. It designs metal detectors of various sizes as per client specifications and industry usage. Metal detectors are available at reasonable prices.



Pharmaceutical Metal Detector



Pharmaceutical metal detectors are devices designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical metal detectors are used in the detection of impurities in the production of tablets, capsules, nutraceutical products etc .Pharmaceutical metal detectors offer accuracy in the detection of microscopic particles of contamination. Target Innovations is efficient in the production of pharmaceutical metal detector. It provides various ranges of pharmaceutical metal detectors. It prepares pharmaceutical metal detectors as per customers’ specification. Pharmaceutical metal detectors are reachable to the clients at reasonable rates.



Tablet Metal Detector



Tablet metal detectors are used to meet accurate metal detection. Tablet metal detectors are made from stainless steel as it can ensure hygienic easily cleaned inspection. Target Innovations excels in the production of tablet metal detectors. Its tablet metal detectors can provide class leading and online metal detection. High speed rejection, less installation space, easily cleaned, high sensitivity to all metals, auto balance etc are few salient features of its tablet metal detectors. Its Tablet metal detector incorporates patented and well-proven audit check self-monitoring system. Its tablet metal detectors are designed for simple adaptation and flexible, efficient operation on the line. Tablet metal detectors are available at reasonable rates.



Gravity Feed Metal Detector



Gravity Feed Metal Detectors are designed to detect metal contamination in dry, powdery or granular free flowing products that are gravity fed through a pipe. Gravity feed metal detectors inspect products like meat slurries, jams, sauces, dairy products and pulp. Gravity feed metal detectors can be ceiling suspended or mounted on a mobile floor stand. Gravity feed metal detectors include rotary activated valve, inspection tube, metal detector search head, and air controls. High sensitivity, automatic rejection of contaminated product, Compact design, Straight through flow design & no traps, Fast acting electronics, Comprehensive self diagnostic system, Automatic noise compensation and Reject confirmation are features of gravity feed metal detector. Gravity feed metal detectors are applied for food ingredients, chemical & dyes, spices, food processing, pharmaceuticals, dough, plastics pellets, bulk drugs, namkeens, rubber granules etc. Target Innovations leads in the manufacture of gravity feed metal detectors. It provides high quality gravity feed metal detectors which has HACCP compliance.



Micro Scan Metal Detector



Micro scan metal detectors are designed for detecting metal impurities. Micro scan metal detectors are used in bulk food and packaged food industries. Micro scan metal detectors operate on the principle of inductive measuring. Micro scan metal detector can detect all kinds of metals like ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless. Micro scan metal detector can experience changes in the field of the metal passed based on the magnetic and electrical properties. Micro scan metal detectors can be integrated either with existing production lines or with conveyor which has automatic rejection system. Target Innovations is renowned producer of micro scan metal detectors. Steady Performance. Steady performance, phase discrimination technology, waterproof ability, digital signal processor, product type memory are salient features of Target Innovations’ micro scan metal detector.