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Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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AboutScientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Scientech Technologies (Scientech) is the Global Manufacturer of Test & Measuring Instruments and Technical Training equipment and Simulation Software. Scientech has evolved over the years into a major name in the field of Test & Measuring Instruments and educational solutions. The company provides state-of-the-art equipment in a variety of academic disciplines. Scientech under the brand Caddo provides Testing Solutions for everyone such as Industries (Manufacturing, Servicing), Academics, Defence . Experts at Scientech have provided inventive techniques to provide simple training solutions to make learning fun, by using the power of imagination and the latest and most innovative practices. Some of the products provided by Scientech are oscilloscopes, LCR meters, the Network analyzer, PCB prototyping and digital storage oscilloscopes, Distortion Meter, Power Analyzer, Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer (Handheld & Benchtop)





Oscilloscopes are widely used a variety of industries such as defence, manufacturing and education where it is used to measure and observe wave signals. These include, Caddo 800, Caddo 802, Caddo 803, Caddo 804, Caddo 805, Caddo 806, Caddo 810, Caddo 821 and Caddo 823. Scientech provides oscilloscopes that have a variety of features such as microcontroller based built-in function generator, digital read-out with backlight LCD and other features that make this an excellent choice among customers. All oscilloscopes are tested by in-house experts to make sure they meet all quality standards ISO 9001-2000, ROHS, CE. Available at leading market prices, these oscilloscopes are highly productive.



Network Analyzer



The network analyzer is a device that is used to study electrical networks. The Scientech network analyzer is specially designed to be able to analyze networks with varying frequency ranges. There are basically two types of network analyzers, namely, the scalar network analyzer and the vector network analyzer. Scientech basically provides the vector network analyzer, which measure both amplitude and phase properties of waves. This multifunctional vector network analyzer is comprised of a flexible hardware design. Highly efficient, this network analyzer also comes with a specially designed Bode analyzer suite for Windows. The Scientech network analyzer is available at highly competitive prices and comes with a two-year warranty.



Digital Storage Oscilloscopes



The digital storage oscilloscopes are much more reliable than normal analog storage devices. These digital storage oscilloscopes do not allow degradation of data. The digital storage oscilloscopes are also used for high-speed circuits which process digital data. Scientech supplies a variety of different types of digital storage oscilloscopes custom-made to meet individual client requirements. These digital storage oscilloscopes are PC-based and are ideal for laboratory environment. Features of the digital storage oscilloscopes include a dual channel system and are capable of auto-calibrating themselves. The digital storage oscilloscopes are available with colour display and have a high battery operation time. Scientech digital storage oscilloscopes are ultra compact and low maintenance. These digital storage oscilloscopes are also available in competitive prices and with a two-year warranty.



Spectrum Analyzer



The NS Series Spectrum Analyzer featured by high reliable synthesizer is designed to be used in diverse fields such as communications, Broadcasting, RF components, Education & Training etc. by providing excellent sensitivity.



Portable series: MSA338 is an authentic spectrum analyzer providing performance and functions that are comparable to large size bench in compact, lightweight inexpensive model.



Signal Generators



Scientech Signal/Function Generators are high performance Function- Pulse Generator 0.1Hz to 10 MHz .It also provides different types of modulated signals like - AM Standard - AM Balance - Frequency Modulation, PWM and uses a menu-driven operation for Functions, Frequencies, Modulations, Sweep and Frequency Counter. Scientech signal generators are ideal choice for modern Electronic Laboratories.