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AboutWilcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

R.F. Equipment is the leading manufacturer of tri band jammers, radiation shield, 3g jammers, signal enhancers and a host of other devices. Its attenuator, power divider and combiner coupled with splitter/tapper and many other products make the company the frontrunner in wireless communication industry.


Tri Band Jammers



Tri band jammers sends low power radio signals severing off communication between the base station and mobile. Once the tri band jammers are activated the mobile phone within the jammer range will not get any communication signal. Tri band jammers are vital for hospital use such as emergency ward or ICU, etc. Ranging from religious places, institutes, theatres to corporate houses and defence establishments, tri band jammers are everywhere in great demand.



Signal Enhancer



Signal enhancer finds extensive usage in residential complexes, offices, basements, industrial premises, rural areas, etc. Dropping of signal from the mobile is a common problem faced by many. Signal enhancer aids in improving wireless communication. Differently designed for cars, rooms, halls, etc. the signal enhancers by the company provide one-stop-solution to the customers. The car, room and hall signal enhancer is available for CDMA, GSM 900 and GSM 1800 mobile ranges. Designed and tested at the Indian Institute of Technology – Mumbai and Powai, R.F. Equipment’s signal enhancer guarantees superior quality and efficient service. Signal enhancer helps in boosting weaker signals obstructed by buildings or due to larger distance from mobile towers. In case of poor signal reception in offices, rooms, etc. installing single room signal enhancer is of great help.



Radiation Shield



Radiation shield is vital for reducing harmful radiation. Used for decreasing radiations, radiation shield greatly effaces the effect of all kinds of radiations. The inevitable exposure to electromagnetic fields is the prime cause of tumours, cancers, blood disorders, headaches, skin allergies, etc. Radiation shield is an answer to this mammoth problem. The R.F. Equipment radiation shield successfully absorbs 10-50% radiation caused by computers, microwave ovens, mobile phone towers, etc. The multi-purpose radiation shield can be fixed on window glass, hanged on wall and placed on table. The average size of the radiation shield is 180mm x 90mm x 30mm. It is better to opt for radiation shield before the harmful emissions damage the health system. Radiation shield saves the user from unprecedented hazards of radiation.



Power Divider and Combiner



The superior quality power divider and combiner maintain desired impedance at all output and common terminals. The power divider and combiner operate at a frequency range of 824- 2500 MHZ.  The maximum insertion loss of 2-way power divider and combiner is 0.2 decibel. In case of 3-way and 4-way power divider and combiner the maximum insertion loss varies from 0.5 to 0.7 db. Power divider and combiner register maximum input and output of 1.2VSWR. The phase unbalance degree of the range of power divider and combiner varies from 1 to 6. Power divider and combiner offers a high range of power handling capacity varying from 5-100W. Known for high efficiency and durability, power divider and combiner is an in-demand product of the company.






R.F. Equipment attenuator is efficient in reducing the amplitude of a signal. The best thing about the company’s attenuator is that it does not distort the waveform of the signal. The frequency of different ranges of attenuator varies from 824 to 2500 megahertz. The attenuation feature of different attenuator ranges from 3-30 decibels. The various attenuator models available are 3db, 6db, 10db, 15db, 20db and 30db. The maximum VSWR of the attenuator is 1.2. The attenuator by the company is competent in lowering voltage and dissipating power. The impedance level of the attenuator is 50 ohm. The attenuator has power handling capacity of 0.5 W.






R.F. Equipment also manufactures high quality splitter/tapper at competitive price, apart from its highly useful radiation shield. The splitter/tapper is available from the range of 7db to 35db. Operating within a frequency of 824-2500 MHZ, the splitter/tapper meets international standards of efficiency. The splitter/tapper is customized to suit specific needs of the customer.