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Pantagone Satellite

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AboutPantagone Satellite

Pantagone Satellite, a world class business house, is a globally acclaimed name in the field of antenna manufacturing. Pantagone, established in 1999, within a few years of its inception, created a niche for itself both in the domestic and international market. Pantagone is a distinguished manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier dealing in a wide range of products.


The products range includes RF Connectors, USB Modem Antenna, RF Cables, RF Antenna, SMA Connectors and Cable Assemblies.



RF Connectors



Pantagone is well known for its most prominent RF Connectors. These RF connectors are manufactured according to the IEC, MIL and the relevant national standards. The materials used in the manufacturing process makes them highly durable. These materials make RF connectors resistive to bear various fluctuations in the voltage.



Pantagone manufactures a wide range of RF connectors and the range includes:



  • 7/16(L29) Type Series RF connectors
  • N Type Series RF connectors.



Pentagon’s RF connectors are highly valued in the quality cautious market, due to their impeccable quality and brilliant performance. Pantagone customize its RF connectors as per the specifications of the clients.



USB Modem Antenna



Pantagone is one of the growing company which manufactures, exports and supplies USB Modem Antennas. USB modem antenna helps to increase speed and gain network in low coverage area. USB Modem Antennas They are best used for fixed locations such as homes, offices, farms, factories and remote locations trying to reach far away cell sites. USB Modem antennas are best used for fixed locations such as homes, offices, farms, factories and remote locations trying to reach far away cell sites.



USB Modems Antenna consumes low power consumption. Thus USB Modem Antennas are efficient low cossolutions for your wireless applications.



RF Cables



Pantagone is recognized as most outstanding manufacturer of RF Cables. It is also considered as the best manufacturer of RF Cables. The materials used in the manufacturing of RF cables are of superior quality. This quality assures the durability of pentagon’s RF cables.



For safe and better transportation, RF cables are packed in coils, plastic reels, and cardboard reels. Pantagone customizes these RF cables as per the specifications of the clients. Pantagone uses advanced technology to manufacture these RF cables. Pantagone offers these RF cables at affordable prices.



RF Antenna



Pantagone is one of the most eminent RF antenna manufacturers in India. Pentagon supplies high capacity RF antennas in India. RF antenna is made up of good quality raw materials. RF antennas are manufacture under the guidance of experts. This RF antenna is available in various sizes. Pantagone can customize these RF antennas as per the specifications of the clients. Pentagon’s RF antenna is highly demanded in the market as it efficiently catches the signal even in low network area. RF antennas are highly durable and provide excellent performance even in extreme environmental conditions. Pantagone offers RF antennas at affordable prices to the clients.



SMA Connectors



Pantagone supplies a wide range of SMA Connectors. These SMA Connectors supplied by Pantagone are of high capacity. SMA connectors are manufactured under the supervision of experts. Advanced technology is used to produce these SMA connectors. Pantagone customizes these SMA Connectors as per the specifications of the lients. These SMA Connectors are offered at affordable prices for the clients.



Cable Assemblies



Pantagone offers varied types of cable assemblies. These cable assemblies offered by pentagon are made under expert supervision. Pantagone supplies and manufactures these cable assemblies. Pentagone uses quality materials to produce cable assemblies. Pantagone customizes these cable assemblies as per the specification of the clients. Cable assemblies offered by Pantagone are at affordable prices.