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Horizon Global Electronic Ltd was established in 2001 by the then Managing Director Mr. Paul Pickering who still takes an active role within the organisation as CEO, to provide the growing need for high quality satellite and terrestrial test meters, reflective of the needs of the industry by offering value, ease of use, durability, reliability and excellent customer support. Today, Horizon is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of handheld test equipment for use in the Digital TV, Digital Satellite and Digital cable sector.





The new range of Digital satellite meter from Horizon includes digital satellite meter USB and digital satellite meter USB plus. The new digital satellite meter USB plus brings the functionality of original HDSM series along with new features of:



  • QPSK constellation diagram making diagnosis of digital satellite signals simple.
  • Up to 64 satellite selection storage on a preferred list directly from the Horizon Global Electronics website.
  • Rapid access and recall of last selection used making the digital satellite meter USB plus easier for multiple installations.
  • The digital satellite meter USB plus is available with main charger cable, car charger and USB lead.



Specifications for digital satellite meter USB plus include:



  • New graphics capable 128x64 pixel high brightness backlit LCD
  • Frequency range 950 to 2150MHz
  • L-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band capability






Digital terrestrial meter from Horizon is the preferred choice of DVB-T antenna installers. Digital terrestrial meter installation is simple and DVB-T transmitters make it accurate. Digital terrestrial meter from the company is easy to carry as they weigh less than a kilo. Specifications of digital terrestrial meter include built in COFDM signal quality indicator and up to 32 stored transmitters. Digital terrestrial meter displays signal strength (RF level) and pre and post BER together. Digital terrestrial meter provides fast and accurate pre BER real time measurement. Audible signal indicator and back lit LCD display are also available in digital terrestrial meter. EC to BNC adapter and 10dB attenuators are included in digital terrestrial meter.






The all new HD-TC8 is the latest generation meter for the Global uptake of VSAT installations, measuring BPSK / QPSK / 8PSK, DigiCipher II and Turbo Code formats. HD-TC8 is specifically designed for the new "Tooway internet service on Hotbird 13E KA band". HD-TC8 is designed with a generous storage of up to 256 transponders, including the flexibility of 16 user customisable selections for onsite unique carriers. The transmission signals of HD-TC8 can be isolated with this precise and accurate installation tuner, reducing the time to detect the downlink path and hence frustration in the often challenging environments of VSAT use.






The latest addition to the award winning range from Horizon is a Combination Satellite and Terrestrial Meter HD-STM. The HD-STM is a lightweight, simple to use yet professional instrument for perfectly aligning satellite dishes and Digital antenna. The Terrestrial menu of HD-STM can sort and suggest transmitters via postcode, region or even favourites. The satellite installation of HD-STM can identify channels and report back the readings in a real-time non calculated (pre-BER/MER) as well as post-BER, which is of great assistance should the channel strength vary at different times of the day.






The new digital cable meter is the perfect solution for fast, accurate and affordable cable measurement, installation and fault diagnosis. Support for ITU-T J.83- Annexes A, B and C enables the digital cable meter for use in any cable installation. Spectrum display on the digital cable meter provides information in easy to read format. The constellation diagram on digital cable meter makes detailed diagnosis of cable signals simple. This digital cable meter is packed with additional features found only on expensive test equipments. Digital cable meter has 48 to 860 MHz input frequency range. The digital cable meter is ITU-T J.83- Annexes A, B and C supported for multi region use. This digital cable meter allows full Speed USB 2 interface with automatic driver download. RF signal loss detection and automatic recovery is also available with digital cable meter. Specifications of digital cable meter include:



  • Graphics capable 128x64 pixel high brightness backlit LCD
  • Support for 4, 16, 23, 64, 128 and 256 point constellation
  • Variable symbol rate from 0.87MBaud to 11.7MBaud