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Broadcasting Consultants India Ltd

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AboutBroadcasting Consultants India Ltd

Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL) is the premier consultancy agency and turnkey solution provider in the field of broadcast engineering, communication and information technology. The organisation has forged a niche in the field by pioneering work in a variety of broadcasting projects.





BECIL provides consultancy services including turnkey solutions in specialised fields, including:



  • Terrestrial and satellite broadcasting
  • TV production
  • Acoustics
  • Establishment of teleports for television broadcasting
  • MW and SW radio broadcasting
  • Multipoint Microwave Distribution Systems (MMDS)
  • Audio-video systems (SRS/conferencing/recording/production and post-production)
  • Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Services (MMDS)
  • Community Access Television (CATV) networks and FM community radio stations
  • Cable head end systems
  • Distance education satellite systems
  • Digital newsroom systems
  • Data broadcasting



The organisation has been the first to enter many markets, such as satellite uplink stations and FM broadcasting. In FM broadcasting particularly, BECIL is already at the forefront of the field. It has been actively involved in establishing a number of TV channels and satellite teleports in India and outside. This invaluable experience enables BECIL to offer customised and cost-effective solutions for specific broadcasting projects.



Since inception in 1995, BECIL has made steady progress due to its work ethic and focussed approach to customer care; it has provided solutions for their projects in various fields like terrestrial radio and TV broadcasting, and satellite broadcasting including Direct to Home (DTH).






BECIL provides comprehensive consultancy on FM radio stations from the initial stages of planning, allocating frequencies, and securing necessary clearances, right up to system integration at the completion stage. This requires a particularly emphatic approach towards addressing commercial aspects and developing a business model.



BECIL is keen, capable and confident in realising the relevant vision and providing state-of-the-art FM radio stations. Experience and expertise ensure all FM systems meet industry standards, and guarantee user satisfaction.



Specific services include:



  • Content planning
  • Commercial strategy
  • Operations
  • Engineering design
  • Regulatory support
  • Training users



The organisation's support for FM radio station includes interior design and acoustics for theatres, auditoriums and broadcast studios, design and implementation of audio-video production and post-production suites to meet customer specific requirements.






BECIL provide the following broadcasting consultancy services for clients wishing to set up TV channels:



  • Planning the concept and character of the TV channel
  • Regulatory support
  • Preparing business plans
  • Programming and content planning
  • Identifying suitable technology infrastructures
  • Comprehensive system configuration
  • Creating teleports
  • Establishing technical logistics
  • Planning manpower requirements and handling recruitment
  • Developing workflow systems
  • Training users
  • Marketing, brand building and distribution
  • Pre-launch and launch support



BECIL is a profit-making undertaking by the Indian government, set up in 1995 to provide guidance and expertise to the rapidly expanding broadcasting market. The organisation has a pool of in-house expertise, and can draw upon a vast reservoir of experts drawn from various fields. BECIL therefore has the complete package of values to execute any project in the broadcasting industry:



  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Transparent
  • Representative