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Wananchi Group embarks on Kshs.220 million network upgrade to meet increasing usage



Wananchi Group embarks on Kshs.220 million network upgrade to meet increasing usage




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Wananchi Group’s home entertainment and communication services brand Zuku, has embarked on a major network upgrade that will see the leading home internet service provider offer customers improved speeds and reduced downtime.

The network upgrade, valued at Kshs.220 million is expected to be complete by the end of October, laying basis for the provision of speeds of up to 50Mbps for its Nairobi customers as it already rolls out in Mombasa effective August 1 2014.

“Over the last two years we have had an unprecedented growth in our customer numbers, hence the need to provision more capacity in the network to accommodate the growth. This upgrade will ensure that we offer improved quality of service, to existing and new customers,” said Richard Alden, Chief Executive Officer of the Wananchi Group.

Alden added, “The work required to put the necessary infrastructure in place began earlier this year and is due to end in October .The upgrade will focus on increasing network access capacity for the end user ; new voice architecture so as to provide cutting edge telephony services and increase national backbone capacity”.


The announcement comes just days after the latest Quarterly Statistics released last week by the Communications Authority showed that Wananchi Group’s market share in the Fixed/ Wireless Internet Subscriptions market grew by 1.7%, to stand at 44.7% in March this year.

Zuku uses HFC and FTTH technology to serve our customers in the various neighborhoods in Nairobi. We shall continue to invest in these technologies and other latest ones in our network for the betterment of the services to our customers and to maintain our edge in the market”. Concluded Alden