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TELUS invests $116 million for enhancing business connectivity via increased wireless speeds and exp



TELUS invests $116 million for enhancing business connectivity via increased wireless speeds and exp


Montreal, Quebec


Estimated Cost:



TELUS planning to invest $116 million in new infrastructure and facilities across the Greater Montréal area this year to enhance wireless capacity and data speeds, connect more businesses directly to the company’s fibre optic network.


This significant investment is part of TELUS’ commitment to invest $1.6 billion in Québec through 2018 to bring advanced telecommunications infrastructure to every corner of the province, enabling sustained innovation, providing access to world-class education programmes, extending critical healthcare technology to more communities, and fueling economic growth.

This investment include:


  • • Continue expanding underground wireless service in Montréal’s métro system in partnership with the STM;
  • • Complete upgrading all wireless sites in the community to 4G LTE, enhancing the already world-leading speed, coverage and reliability experienced by TELUS customers.
  • • Offer enhanced security, data storage and email services to adequately meet current and future needs of users on the go.


  • • Further grow the important role of TELUS Health, which currently provides electronic medical records to more than 14,000 Canadian physicians as well as health benefits management solutions to more than 9,000 pharmacies, 11,000 dental clinics and 25,000 extended healthcare providers across the country. TELUS Health has invested more than $1.5 billion to bring patient-centric solutions to market that are improving the flow of information across the healthcare continuum and enabling better health outcomes for Québecers and all Canadians;
  • • Support quality, speedy and efficient health care with secure electronic health records holding details of patient encounters across a healthcare facility. Detailed information such as lab results, diagnostic images and medical procedures are available instantly to all authorized care providers throughout a hospital, including those in emergency rooms. TELUS currently provides this service for several health regions in Québec including Montréal and Laval.


  • • Continue to connect business locations and industrial parks directly to TELUS’ fibre optic network to further stimulate economic growth. Over the past 10 years, TELUS has deployed countless kilometres of fibre optics across the province of Québec to connect thousands of businesses in Eastern Québec, the North Shore, Saguenay, Abitibi, Québec City, Montréal, Trois-Rivières, Eastern townships and other communities directly to fibre optics, dramatically increasing their available Internet speeds and capacity;
  • • Invest heavily in core areas of network, security, cloud computing and Internet-connected devices to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) growth in the Greater Montréal Area, driving solutions that will enable local businesses to further their global competitive advantage, reduce environmental impact, and increase worker safety;
  • • Expand the capacity of TELUS’ Intelligent Internet data centre in Rimouski to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and managed data services of new and existing business customers in Montréal.


Company Name TELUS
Location Montreal, Quebec
Type To Enhance Wireless Capacity
Estimated Cost $116 million